Arrowhead Animal Hospital Client Testimonials

Dear Dr. Ziegler & Wonderful Staff,

I’d like to thank each and every one of the doctors and loving staff for caring for our dog, Bailey over the past 10+ years! You have been kind, warm-hearted, caring & sincere throughout Bailey’s years…his easy boarding & animal visits and his more difficult cancer years. Through it all, I’ve always felt everyone on your staff truly cared for my sweet & special dog. And I deeply appreciate everything you have all done for “the love-of-my-life dog” and in turn, for my family.

Deepest Thanks
Mercedes, Bryan, Eric, & Isabelle M.

Dear Arrowhead Staff,

Thank you for all the kindness and care you showed my dog, Kenosha, over the past 91/2 years. A special thanks to Dr. Ziegler and Dr. Hrenchir.

Kristin B.

Our Brittany Sally has been an Arrowhead client her entire life…most recently when she had a litter of puppies. The doctors and staff at Arrowhead were great, from answering questions early on to all the check-ups, dew claw removal, tail docking, and eventual neutering of mama Sally and yes, one of the male pups, which we just HAD to keep. Did not have even one post-surgical problem or concern, as all the patients came through their respective surgeries with flying colors. Thanks to the staff and the doctors for all the great care, professional service, and compassion shown to our pets.

Kent G.

I just wanted to thank Dr. Cordell and staff for the usual caring treatment received by Ed and Otis yesterday.  And, Otis especially thanks all the ladies for the rock star treatment and kisses.  As we have learned, it IS all about Otis  ;>)

 Thanks for keeping our “boys” healthy.

Dan & Patrice S.


687.jpgThank you so much for all of the care for Gracie and "hand-holding" you all did for me!
This is the picture I was telling you about.  After a summer of chasing rocks as I did yard work, Gracie (the black dog) decided that if playing with them is so much fun, they surely must be good to eat.
Oh, but she didn't know that what goes in must come out and if it doesn't come out naturally, the Doggie Doctor has to take it out - the hard way.
Recovering from surgery was not nearly so much fun as chasing rocks in the garden. 
Here Gracie was lying on the floor and she was whimpering waiting for the peanut butter (with a pain pill hidden from her) to help her sleep.
Her sister, Lizzy (the black & white girl) felt so bad for her sister she did something completely uncharacteristic for her.
Lizzy dropped her toy next to Gracie's head and then laid down and scooched backward until they were touching.
In their 5 years of life, I have never seen Lizzy offer to share a toy.  Her heart of compassion was stronger than her desire for what is "mine."   I think we could all learn a lesson from Lizzy: let our compassion be greater than our selfishness.
Again, Dr. Hrenchir and your wonderful technicians, thank you for the excellent care you always provide for my "sisters".  





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